Why we love what we do


Nika Bella Apparel is wearable art for men and women. Inspired by Andy Warhol and Coco Chanel, the NikaBasel line is a uniquely stylish fusion of fashion and art.

Meet Nika to feel first hand the inspiration and passion that led to the creation of the Nika Bella Lifestyle Collection. Art and fashion have been my muses since I was a little girl. Together with my zest for life and people, they sparked the concept of clothing everyone I love in wearable art. The NikaBasel19 collection offers one-of-a-kind hand painted pieces reflecting my unique spirt and personality that feature works of art you'll cherish forever.


Being an artist is my passion, and combining my enthusiasm for creating art with fashion has led me to the concept of making these unique and comfortable t-shirts which I hope you will enjoy wearing as much as I do making them!


A little more background on the artist...

Nika is a worldly artist, designer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who is influenced by travels, psychology, fashion, life-experience, and formal studies. Her works aim to empower women and ignite souls through Art-Therapy. Kru examines and explores the dynamic relationship of male and female subjects using strong, bold colors with freely-applied spray paints, oil, acrylic, inks, and mixed-media. She is a former model inspired by Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and Coco Chanel. She studied Art and Public Communication at the University of Vermont, FIU, and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Kru is based in Miami after growing up in Boston and born in Ukraine. She is the founder of the Girls Gone Art Movement.